Collection: Narnia Craft Storage

Narnia Craft storage unit, designed to keep your crafting projects tidy. 

The Narnia unit came about when a friend, Neil was looking to buy a large craft storage cupboard for his wife's Christmas present in late 2016, He was fed up with all her craft stuff being constantly on the dining table preventing them from easily sitting down and having a family meal together. 
Neil Searched the internet and found a few options but all were very expensive for what he wanted and really he wanted her to be able to make it her own, at the time RWCrafts didn't exsist, our founder Andy ran a bespoke joinery shop catering for high end retail fit out in London when Neil asked if he could make the Narnia unit for his wife. 
After a few days of design and testing the first Unit was made and delivered in time for Christmas. With that complete Andy thought that was the end of these units however Neils wife posted about the gift that by now she had fallen in love with on facebook she had so much interest that RWcrafts was setup and we started selling the unit on Ebay. 
Fast Forward a few days and New years eve 2016 ebay posted an advert for the Narnia craft unit on facebook. That was it in the space of 3 hours RWcrafts had orders for 25 units and over 3000 hits on its very new website.
The business was formed and since then we have sold over 300 of the Original Narnia craft units to many happy customers.